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IFMA Poland promotes and supports this dictionary of expressions about the real estate industry
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Nazwa Opis
benchmarkingprocess of measuring performance (including price) of facility services and comparing the results internally and/or externally
CFMAcronym for the professional designaton Certified Facility Manager offered by the International Facility Managers Association.
due diligencecompilation, comprehensive appraisal and validation of information of an organisation at the appropriate stage of the Facility Management agreement required for assessing accuracy and integrity at the appropriate stage of the agreement process
facilities managementfacility management integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities
key performance indicator (KPI)measure that provides essential information about the performance of facility services delivery
letter of intentnote or memorandum setting a clear intention to take a certain course of action or enter into a formal agreement
mobilisationphase to establish and implement all resources, systems, data and procedures prior to taking full responsibility for the facility services to be delivered as specified in the Facility Management agreement
open-booktransparent exchange of relevant information between the client and the Facility management service provider
PPP'Public private partnerships' (PPPs) means forms of cooperation between public bodies and the private sector, which aim to improve the delivery of investments in infrastructure projects or other types of operations, delivering public services through risk sharing, pooling of private sector expertise or additional sources of capital;
service level agreement (SLA)agreement between the client or customer and the service provider on performance, measurement and conditions of services delivery